About Us


I never considered myself an artist, growing up in Detroit. I spent most of my life studying nutrition and eventually received my MBA in finance. My work took me to Nashville, where I fell in love with jewelry design and metalsmithing. My transition to a jewelry designer really started as what I jokingly called my “side hustle” and was really a way for me to release the stress from my day-to-day job in automotive finance. 

My husband and children, Steven, Halie and Steven II, convinced me to start transitioning my work from a stress reliever to my jewelry line. Both of my children are artists in their own rights and you will see that they are the designers and photographers for my website. My family inspires me to continue to work on my jewelry line and provide design consulting as I work through my pieces. 

When we returned to Detroit from Nashville, I continued to study jewelry design and my passion for working with metals continued to grow and evolve. I find my inspiration from nature and the raw elegance of the metals and stones that I incorporate into my designs. 

I started my jewelry line by designing my signature bracelets, where I found the perfect melding of silver, brass, and copper to design one of a kind pieces. I then ventured into designing necklaces, earrings, and rings to round out my collection. 

I truly have found my passion in being able to transform metal and stone into one of a kind jewelry. I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it for you. 

- Krista